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Welcome to the Miss Lizzy’s Knits Blog!

on April 8, 2012

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the Miss Lizzy’s Knits blog. I’ve set up the blog to go alongside my facebook page in order to share patterns and links easily. Knitting is a passion of mine and I’m always in awe of the beautiful creations that I come across, it’s amazing how a length of yarn can be transformed into something amazing!

I’ve recently discovered the wonderful creation “knit-in-lace” or “eyelet lace” as it is also known as it’s such a gorgeous finishing touch that I don’t know why I’ve never tried it out before. It made a gorgeous addition to a knitted crib (measuring 5 inches long) which I made as a donation to Upon Butterfly Wings. I have created a pattern for it which will be up once I know it is suitable and that there’s no mistakes in pattern!

Happy knitting!

Miss Lizzy’s Knits xx


4 responses to “Welcome to the Miss Lizzy’s Knits Blog!

  1. Melica Patmore says:

    I love the eyelet lace, looked so scary, but is so simple and makes a huge difference 🙂
    Looking forward to following your blog, and trying your patterns 🙂

  2. Faith finch says:

    Great site, you make lovely items, just like I am looking for for my memory boxes lol. Keep uo the amazing work xx

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