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Flat Gift Bag Tutorial

I’m doing 2 craft fairs in November, this year, and I was trying to think of what to put my items if in anyone makes a purchase! I can’t afford to buy a lot of pre-made bags, did not want them to be plastic either (I find gift bags or bags from sellers are a lot more appealing if they are paper and biodegradable). So I trawled my ever faithful Pinterest for inspiration and it did not disappoint! I found some lovely handmade bags and then got the gist, after looking at many, how to make simple flat bags. They are so easy to make! And better yet, you can make them from any paper, add your own touches such as business/charity logos, little tags if they’re for a gift, and even make them any size you want! So, without any ado being furthered, here’s my tutorial for you all, have fun! They really are so quick and easy, this tutorial bag took me less than 10 minutes to make, which included taking the photos! Have fun!!

Making A Flat Gift Bag!

You will need:


A ruler (optional)


Celloptape (or tape of your choice)


Craft Glue


How to make:

First of all, choose your desired paper, For this tutorial, I have chosen brown packaging paper. Cut the paper so it is the height you would like your bag and double width, plus a centimetre or two. For my bag, I cut my paper 18cm tall by 22cm wide.


Next, fold the paper in half, leaving a 1-2cm flap at the side, this is where you will glue to create the bag.

Glue down the flap and fold this flap over, securing the bag together.

Now, glue about 1cm along the bottom of the bag.

Fold this over, secure into place, you may need to add glue if the bag shows a gap between the folded paper.

Now that you have the body of your bag complete, it is time to create the handles! Select your desired string.

Measure against your bag how long you wish your handles to be.

Cut 2 lengths of string, these will be your handles!

Secure your handles with your desired tape, on the inside of your bag, one on each side. If you like, pretty it up, add your logo, add a tag. Then, sit back with a cuppa, admiring your handy work!


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